Christmas concert "Zangschool Utrecht", December 2011
Emma's been singing in a choir for some years now. Every now and then they perform, and these are two clips of their christmas concert. It took place in the "Singelkerk", a local church here in Utrecht, on December 17 2011.


Emma and some London chipmunks, December 2010
What started out as a wrong turn, took us (JR and Emma) to a quiet field behind a church in South Kensington, London. Near Harrod's. And there, we ran into some hungry and fearless chipmunks...

Musicnight at school, February 2010
It's been a while since I put a video online. But this is a really nice one, so enjoy watching it. Emma is in group 7 of primary school "De Regenboog", and recently they had their annual musicnight. Every child who can sing or play an instrument can perform on that night. Emma's been taking singinglessons (in a choir) for a bit over a year now, and she's been doing a few performances with that choir. "Mad World" was one of the songs they have been practicing, so she decided to perform that song by herself on this musicnight. She's accompanied by Arie, her teacher. The song was originally done by Tears For Fears, but Emma's doing Gary Jules' version.

School dance, February 2008
So, Emma is in group 5 of primary school "De Regenboog". And they have a teacher who's crazy about dancing, so she's teaching all sorts of dances throughout the year. Which suits Emma fine because she lives 2 dance ;-) This little clip shows group 5 doing a ballroom dance on "Grease", and Emma is showing her dancepartner Roel a move or two. Who says the man should lead anyways?

Final presentation streetdance, June 2007
The streetdance group that Emma is part of had their final presentation of the 2006 - 2007 course on June 19th. They did 2 different dances on 2 different songs. Emma's group is the "9 to 12 year olds", although Emma and her best friend Davine are only 8 years old. Emma dances in the front row, wearing a black cap, black shirt and a checkered skirt.

Money Museum, May 2007
At the end of May 2007, Emma's class visited the Money Museum in Utrecht. As it happens, a film crew were working there that day to film some interviews with children, asking all sorts of questions on the Euro and the currency that the Euro replaced; the Dutch guilder. The interviews made it to the final show which was broadcasted on national television early June. The interviews are in Dutch, my daughter Emma is wearing the blue sports-outfit.

Streetdance performance, April 2007
On April 22nd 2007, the streetdance group that Emma is part of has a performance in "Griftpark" in Utrecht. It was because of some "Olympic day", where all sorts of sportsclubs present themselves to a broad audience. Emma and her best friend Davine are quite a bit younger than the rest, so they're the smallest. My Emma is by far the smallest of the whole group; she starts on the front row, just right of center.

Talentshow, April 2007
On April 13th 2007, Emma and her best friend Davine are performing in a local talentshow here in Utrecht. Emma is the smaller one of the two girls, she's wearing the blue skirt.



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